With one 20 minute treatment at the end of an exhausting week I was so energized that I was able to go out and dance all night.
Also, on another occasion, with only the use of Janet's 'treated' cotton, an upset stomach and headache I was experiencing, were completely relieved within minutes.
- R.F.

Right away I felt reduced stress, a sense of calm. Using Janet's 'treated' cotton for a few weeks stopped my chronic night-time teeth grinding. My work related shoulder and neck tension was also relieved with Janet's 20 minute Stress Busters. 

Before beginning to work with Janet I developed foot/heel pain. The expensive orthodics my chiropractor recommended did not help. A combination of Janet's hands-on sessions as well as the use of her 'treated' cotton did the trick! 

Janet's healing sessions also helped me with overcoming obstacles in life. I successfully quit smoking earlier this year with great ease.
- S.B.

When I think of Janet Ferrando and the work she does two words immediately come to mind. Those words are committed and dedicated. - J.D.

I think of Janet Ferrando as an angel who has come into my life. - S.W.

Janet Ferrando's weekly guided meditation class has helped me manage my stress so that I can be a more compassionate care giver to my aging mother without losing site of my own needs. Also, a few months ago, I injured my knee at the gym. I was in a lot of pain and my movements were restricted. After two, 1 hour treatments, spaced over a morning session with Janet, the pain was gone, and my knee has been fine since.- D.W. 

I have experienced the wonder of healing at the hands of Janet Ferrando. A floater (black spot) which had been in my eye for 10 years has completely disappeared. Also my tiny Burmese cat, Cleo, has benefitted from 'treated' water and cotton. It has enhanced our lives. - E.M.

Over two years ago, I became part of a small band of people who come together weekly to take part in meditation practice with the guidance of Janet Ferrando.

I came looking for ways of handling stress in my life. I had practiced meditation before and experienced healing and peace of mind.
Janet has started me on that path again. Weekly, she teaches and shares with us awareness of our breath and bodies, building on previous weeks' meditations and slowly introducing us to helpful self-healing practices while in a meditative state.
She encourages us to share our experiences each week and after each session, always giving positive feedback. She has great passion for her work and it rubs off on us all, I believe.
I always look forward to Monday evenings. - Susan

Janet Ferrando has a wonderful gift which I have experienced over the years.

Recently, in a grocery store, I slipped on a grape and fell on my right side bracing myself with my wrist and twisting my back. Janet happened to be in the store at the same time and she immediately started to work on me directing the healing energy through my body. I am 70 years old and I bruise very very easily. By the next day, I had not one bruise nor any aches or pains anywhere on my body.

I have developed lymphedema because of the removal of some of my lymph nodes during surgery and radiation treatments. Janet's procedures have actually helped to reduce the swelling in my leg where it is hardly noticeable that one leg is larger than the other.

In July I was in a very dark place in my life suffering from stress. Janet worked on me for a week and brought me out of the dark and into the light where I could cope with everyday problems. For this, and other healings which I have experienced though Janet's gift, I am extremely grateful.
- Mary Ann